Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life Is A Dream Second Part

"The life entire is a dream, 

and the dreams, nothing but 

dreams are..” 

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La vida es sueño ~ 

”..Life is a Dream..” Viviana Rodriguez's profile photo

”..Yo sueño que estoy aquí de estas prisiones cargado, y soñé

que en otro estadomás lisonjero me vi.

¿Qué es la vida?  Un frenesí. ¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión, 

una sombra, una ficción, y el mayor bien es pequeño: 

que toda la vida es sueño, ..y los sueños, sueños son..”  

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When you love someone do you miss them ? When in love can you stop thinking about that person If they looked different.. Would you like them the same.. When in love did you love them from first sight„ Do you still feel the same or something different.. 


Enrique Iglesias-Adicto (VIDEO OFICIAL EN ESPAÑOL) Viviana Rodriguez's profile photo
Enrique Iglesias - Addicted - with lyrics in english -image


If you want to know look for 

Viviana Rodriguez's profile photo  La vida es sueño ~ image

 ”..Yo sueño que estoy

aquíde estas prisiones cargado, y soñé

que en otro estado más lisonjero me vi.

¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí. ¿Qué es la vida?

Una ilusión,una sombra, una ficción, y el

mayor bien es pequeño:que toda la vida

es sueño, y los sueños, sueños son..”..  


"Today was a Fairytale" 

Taylor Swift "Today was a Fairytale" Music Video HD 


”..Life is a Dream..” 

 In the dream world, fairies can represent our hopes and desires.  They symbolize fantasy and can represent a need to escape reality. Fairies are typically tiny, beautiful and delicate.

For women, fairies can symbolize the nurturing, maternal and feminine side of the self. Fairies in men’s dreams might represent the anima, the female aspect of the personality. When we accept and integrate both our masculine and feminine traits, we can achieve emotional balance. That’s like in TAO..

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”..I dream that I am hereby these gaols burdened, and I

dreamed that in another condition happier I saw myself. 

What is life? A frenezy.  What is life? An illusion,  A shadow,

a fiction,  And the greatest good puny is;  For life entire is

a dream,  And the dreams, nothing but dreams are..”. 

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Photo Photo Photo

Photo image

image  image

Letra Alguien Canto de Matt Monro




Dime A Dónde Vas, Y Si Sabes Tu Destino 

Hey!! ..

Donde Dejaras Tus Sueños Escondidos

Mira Que La Luna Nos Dejo, 

Iluminados, Bien De Cerca

Y A Pesar De Aquel Adiós, 

Mi Puerta Siempre Estuvo Abierta, 

Como Anteeees..  


 "..To really love a woman
To understand her - you gotta know her deep inside
Hear every thought - see every dream
N’ give her wings - when she wants to fly
Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms
Ya know ya really love a woman
When you love a woman you tell her
that she’s really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she’s the one
Cuz she needs somebody to tell her
that it’s gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
- really really ever loved a woman?.." 


” Mis hadas hermosas…mágicas…pura belleza..”../  

Un hada (del latín fatum: hado, destino) es una criatura fantástica y etérea, personificada generalmente en forma de mujer hermosa, que según la tradición son protectoras de la naturaleza, producto de la imaginación, la tradición o las creencias y perteneciente a ese fabuloso mundo de los elfosgnomosduendessirenas y gigantesque da color a las leyendas y mitologías de todos los pueblos antiguos. Se puede provocar el contacto con ellas desarrollando la visión etérea según las leyendas. La mayoría de ellas se representan con alas..


by Cintra Pirata ~ The Art Spy »  
"..Ayer Cabias En Mi Corazón 
Y Te Escindiste En Un Rincón 
Del Otro Lado 
Yo Se Que La Vida Nos Dejo 
Saber Que Nuestro Amor 
No Se Acabado 
No Se acabadooo.." 
Enrique Iglesias - Ayer (con letra)

image Photo 
TRUE LOVE Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly.Stereo ( Lyrics) 


Tu Mirada Dice Estar Arrepentida 
No Se, Dime Si Es Verdad O Solo Idea Mía 
Di Que No Es Locura Ni Obsesión 
Que Es Capricho Simplemente 
Dile Que Lo Sientes Y Que Yo 
Nunca He Dejado De Quererte 
Como Anteeees.. image


Dime A Donde Vas, Y Si Sabes Tu Destino..”

:: Enrique Iglesias - letra de Ayer


Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo


Why Real Love Is Not a Feeling

Unconditional Love image

We've heard songs about it, seen it in the movies, heard it
talked about by relationship experts, and read about it in
thousands of self help books. But, what is unconditional
love? We all want to feel loved. We think about it, hope for
it, fantasize about it, go to great lengths to achieve it, and
feel that our lives are incomplete without it. The lack of 
unconditional love is the cause of most of our anger and
confusion. It is no exaggeration to say that our emotional
need for unconditional love is just as great as our physical
need for air and food..




What News Pussycats blogs ~ funny and sexy stories ~ “Via veritatis et vita dulcis..” »  


image  Photo 


There’s only one kind of love that can fill us up, make us whole, and give us the happiness we all want: unconditional love or true love. It is unconditional love that we all seek, and somehow we intuitively realize that anything other than that kind of love isn’t really love at all—it’s an imitation of the real thing. 

Photo Photo


Unconditional love—true love—is so different from the kind of love most of us have known all our lives that it deserves both a name—Real Love—and definition of its own: Real Love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves. 
Truth Seen Accepted  Loved  


What we Do Without Real Love: Imitation Love

If we don’t have enough Real Love in our lives, the resulting emptiness is unbearable. We then compulsively try to fill our emptiness with whatever feels good in the moment—money, anger, sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, power, and the conditional approval of others. Anything we use as a substitute for Real Love becomes a form of Imitation Love, and although Imitation Love feels good for a moment, it never lasts and never gives us the feeling of genuine happiness that Real Love provides.


 < <  Pussycat Tiger - Video Clip
”..The rose is red, the violet’s blue, The honey’s sweet, and so are you. 
Thou art my love and I am thine; I drew thee to my Valentine:  
The lot was cast and then I drew, and Fortune said it shou’d be you..”  
image image 

Most people spend their entire lives trying to fill their emptiness with Imitation Love, but all they achieve is an ever-deepening frustration, punctuated by brief moments of superficial satisfaction. All the unhappiness in our lives is due to that lack of Real Love and to the frustration we experience as we desperately and hopelessly try to create happiness from a flawed foundation of Imitation Love. The beauty of Real Love is that it ALWAYS will eliminate our anger, confusion, and pain.. 

image Photo




Bridge Over Troubled Water-Simon & Garfunkel /legendada 

Cintra Pirata originally shared this post:
Valentine’s Day is a holiday that happens on February 14. It is the day of the year when lovers show their love to each other. This can be done by giving flowerschocolates, Valentine’s cards or just a nice gift. Love notes can be given to one another. These notes are called valentines. Some people pick one person the call there “Valentine” as a gesture to show love and appreciation.
Symbols of Valentine’s Day are heart shapes, roses, and Cupid with his arrows 

image image 
image image 
Finding Real Love 

As people learn the principles of Real Love, they almost uniformly ask how they can find and feel the real thing. They want to feel the actual power of Real Love.

Fortunately, there are so many courses of action we can take to find Real Love and experience its healing power.

 image   image

Livin La vida Loca 


When you feel enough of the unconditional love of others, you'll have the most important treasure in life. The wounds of the past will heal—wounds caused by insufficient Real Love—and you'll feel whole and happy. As your emptiness and fear are eliminated by Real Love, you'll simply have no need to use Getting and Protecting Behaviors. Without those behaviors, you'll find relationships with others relatively effortless and will begin finding the happiness you've always wanted. 

image image 

We have now seen the powerfully healing effects of Real Love in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals. Impossibly unhappy marriages now thrive, angry and rebellious children now turn to their parents for love and guidance, singles are finding partners interested in a relationship based on Real Love instead of trading in the sure disappointment of Imitation Love, and divisive and unproductive corporate cultures are become nurturing and supportive. Visit daily to get the relationship advice and tools that will help you replace your anger, confusion and addictions with peace, confidence, and happiness..  




What is true love? 

Love is a choiceIt’s a commitment. Although feelings will accompany love, and although sex will be a part of marriage, a lasting, healthy relationship cannot be based on these things.

Love image
  • Sees the other person’s flaws and still loves them
  • Wants to serve the other person; selfless
  • Still spends time with others
  • Takes time to build the relationship
  • Other relationships and friendships grow stronger
  • Trust and understanding results in less severe and less frequent jealousy
  • Encompasses a long-term commitment
  • Survives and sometimes is strengthened because of distance
  • Quarrels are less serious and less often
  • Quarrels can strengthen the relationship

Infatuation can be so tempting. But the question is, do I want a lasting, satisfying relationship? If so, infatuation isn’t the answer. Look at your relationships through the grid above. Infatuation isn’t a bad thing, as long as we don’t base a relationship on it.
Perhaps finding real love begins with TAO to find the big creater, the one who created relationships, men and woman, you and me.. and the one who shared our souls in two partes..

Are You in Love or Forcing It? 

The emotional feelings of love bring us to a feeling of elation, an exhilarating psychological state of great joy. Often it is our ability to appreciate the love that we receive that elevates our emotional feelings. However we sometimes allow our feelings to overtake us in the early stages of our relationships and we actually become infatuated. These feelings of euphoria may actually lead us into infatuation, which is an object of extravagant short-lived passion. These feelings of love, (misrepresented as love), are usually associated to exuberant passion, in temporary admiration. Many times it is due to this infatuated state that people become hurt because they are unable to control their emotional feelings.


Nothing’s Gonna Change My World ~

“..Amigo es maravillosa …es tierna ..bella me canso de mirarla …felicidades !!..” el puente sobre agua turbulentas <
imageLove is you   
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be 

image image image
The feelings of love we feel come from an initiation of love, where love intercommunicates loving intentions. The feelings of love follow the affections of love by way of love intentionality. In other words, love feelings follow loving actions. Love feelings are felt within our hearts, we feel the love that others touch us with, and our emotions rise in response to the love that we feel. Everybody wants to feel the emotional feelings associated with love, and the feelings that accompany loves euphoria.


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